Clean Room pioneers and Fan Filter Unit (FFU) experts

Envirco designed and manufactured the first commercial clean room in the world over 50 years ago and is proud of its pioneering background.

Its range of MAC 10 Fan Filter Units (FFU) launched 30 years ago provides flexible, quiet and energy saving solutions to clean rooms worldwide across the semiconductor, medical device, aerospace, pharmaceutical, nanotechnology, automotive, disk drive and watch making industries.

Why Choose Envirco


At Envirco we pride ourselves on excellent customer service to fulfil our customers needs.


Envirco have a substantial range of products across a variety of sites, available for immediate delivery.


From the simplest to the most complex clean room, there's an Envirco product to meet your filtration and control needs.

Our Solutions

Fan Filter Units.

The MAC 10 is an optimum solution for soft and hard-wall, plenum design cleanrooms and LAF benches across a broad range of clean room manufacturing industries. From a simple installation inside a custom-made clean bench (AC motor) to an ISO 4 full ceiling FFU coverage clean room requiring low energy EC motors and sophisticated control system, the MAC 10 can meet exacting industry standards.
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Control Systems for FFU

A wide range of Consoles and PLCs to ensure control and monitoring of the clean room parameters. From simple Consoles to large touchscreen PLCs which interface with BMS and control sensors.
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Ducted Ceiling Module.

This is an alternative solution to the MAC 10 FFU. The DCM is connected directly via ductwork to the supply AHU and is often used in existing systems in lieu of a plenum.
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Hospital Filtration

The Hospi-Gard® includes re-circulating systems and those which create a negative pressure isolation room for patients.
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Envirco believes that excellent customer service, superior product quality and dependable performance are essential to its long-term success. Furthermore, we have developed a level of technical expertise that allows us to create innovative products and cost effective solutions that contribute to the success of our customers.

We have network of experienced partners throughout Europe, The Middle East and Africa that can troubleshoot and service your equipment in addition to offering technical guidance on new projects.

Replacement Parts

Envirco offers replacement parts for all of our product lines. For more information or to place an order, contact Envirco. 

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MAC10 Fan Filter Unit Smoke Test

The RAMDA Test Lab.

The Ruskin test centre at Whitstable provides state of the art facilities for the complete Ruskin range of products.

The Ruskin test centre was designed in accordance with BSRIA recommendations and benefits from third-party annual assessment. It includes a well equipped demonstration area where tests can be witnessed by contractors, consultants and end clients. Third part witnessing by BSRIA is available if required.

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